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We are img.ly – the team behind the PhotoEditor SDK

We strive to empower creators to bring the world never before seen content. We want to change the way people engage with design and creativity. That's why we marry delightful UX with powerful design engines. Together we're on a mission to reshape the world of design for good. You in?

Work that matters

From development and design to marketing and sales - we do everything in-house. We foster knowledge across teams and disciplines, because we deeply believe that this makes a difference. We involve every individual mind of our razorsharp team in every process to build the creative engine of the digital world.

Evolve your craft with us

We believe in leaving the comfort zone for one to grow personally and professionally. We will give you the space to tinker and try, push forward new endeavors that you admire and ultimately use what you learn to strive and thrive. We want you to solve problems, but you'll choose your weapon. So if you want to broaden your skills and try out new stuff, be our guest.

You + Us = 💙

We are a motley bunch of people - but still a tight-knit squad. Our team is composed of coders, designers, thinkers, and makers from various professional backgrounds: individual minds with widely spread skill sets and a severely high level of competencies that bring novel approaches to the table and keep this machine going. That's why we want to integrate as dedicated and energized people in our team for us to grow and advance.

We are img.ly. Welcome to the pack.

Pragmatic in technology choice

If the job requires precision, you get a scalpel; if the job requires blunt force, you go get a hammer. We let pragmatism inform our every technology choice as we want to ship the best products possible and not cling to entrenched methods. Just like our team, our tech stack is a versatile mix of tools, frameworks, and programming languages:

Open GL

Work where you work best

Our office sits at the very heart of Bochum in Germany, but our team is working wherever they can thrive. From Bochum over Berlin, at the seaside or beyond the hills, from home, a co-working space or our lovely office. We are currently on our way to become a remote-first company. We give you the freedom and tools and you choose where you work best.

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