Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Terms of Service?

You can find our Terms of Service right here.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we offer a free 30-day Trial to give you all the time you need to integrate and test our editors. You can start your trial here.

Do you also offer a solution for video editing?

Yes. With VideoEditor SDK we offer video editing capabilities for Android and iOS. For more on that please refer to

Is the editor whitelabeled?

While our Basic plan only offers a branded version of PhotoEditor SDK the Professional and Enterprise plans include the SDK as white-label solution. See our pricing section for more information on options and conditions.

Do the different SDK versions for the individual platforms all include the same features?

Yes, we ensure feature parity across platforms. For a complete list of the SDK's tools and features please refer to our Features page.

Which languages do your support?

PhotoEditor SDK includes two preset UI languages - English and German. However, you can add any language to the SDK through 'localization'. Please refer to our documentation for HTML5, Android, and iOS to find all informationen needed.

Do you guarantee a certain uptime?

Our servers' uptime doesn't affect your use of PhotoEditor SDK as all rendering processes run client-side on the devices of your users.

Is PESDK customizable and to what extent?

PhotoEditor SDK can be customized in terms of UI with dark and light theming, button-positioning and renaming labels and in terms of content with custom assets like stickers, filters, frames, fonts, etc. For more on that, please refer to the respective sections in our documentation for HTML5, Android and iOS.

Can we integrate our own assets (Sticker, Frames Overlays)?

Yes, absolutely! Please refer to our documentation for more information on that topic.

Which frameworks do you support?

We provide demo repositories for React, React Native, Cordova, ionic, Ruby, Ruby on Rails and Angular. Also, we provide a source code plug in for Vue.js. However, we recommend to use the native SDKs for maximum performance and usability.

Can I make use of frameworks for cross-platform development to avoid buying licenses for several platforms instead of just one?

We offer a wrapper for React Native and examples for a couple of others. You can find those on our developers page. As our forte lies in working with native environments as opposed to hybrid-frameworks, we can't offer full support for all framework options out there. However, we will always help you to the best of our ability. Also, to ensure full compatibility in all cases you will need to have a license for every platform you want to use the SDKs on.

How does the integration process work?

You can find all the details on how to integrate PhotoEditor SDK for all available platforms in our documentation.

Do you offer technical support and if so, where can I find it?

We provide three different levels of technical support for our different plans. Depending on the plan selected, support includes a knowledge base, a service desk or enterprise support at the highest level. Have a look at our plans to choose the best option for your project.

Do I need a paid account to receive support?

Generally yes. However, our 30-day trial is an exception to the rule. We understand that you need to implement and test our SDKs before you can make your decision whether we are the right solution for your project and of course we're happy to help during that phase. So, no worries - we've got you covered so you can hit the ground running.

What is the purpose of the Server version of PhotoEditor SDK?

PhotoEditor SDK for Android, iOS and HTML5 work completely client-side. However, high-resolution image editing or bulk processing require more computing power than most devices can provide - that's where our Server SDK comes in. It delivers the same speed and quality in user experience as our native SDKs and ensures that your users don't have to compromise on image quality for their photo prints or give up their time to repeat the same editing steps over and over.

Who provides the server for the use of the Server SDK?

We deliver the software component - you provide the actual server. Our Server SDK enables you to disburden your users' devices of taxing rendering such as high-resolution image editing operations and bulk processing and use a more powerful machine instead.

Can my users edit their photos using PhotoEditor SDK when they are offline?

As the editor works client-side, a permanent internet connection isn't necessary for the editor to run properly. Once the device reconnects, available updates can be installed and the export tracking will be communicated. However, if you require the SDK to work in a purely offline environment please get in touch our sales team to request an offline license.

How does the usage tracking work when there is no internet connection?

If a device loses its connection to the internet the SDKs continue to work to make sure that the UX stays perfect at all times. As soon as the connection is back, the exports will be communicated to our server.

Can the UI of PhotoEditor SDK be used separately from the engine?

As the SDK's engine and UI are fine-tuned to perfectly interact with each other, we recommend using them in conjunction. However, we have just released a refactored version of our HTML5 SDK that enables you to customize the editor's UI in minute detail and also decouple it from the engine, if need be.

What happens if I exceed my export limit?

As we strive for the perfect user experience it's paramount to us that our SDKs work reliably in your application. For that reason your users won't notice anything if you exceed your export limit. The editor will not crash, shut down or limit its usability in any way, but keep running as expected.

Instead we will reach out to you informing you about the current amount of usage and offer an upgrade to a higher export level. However, in cases of seasonal peaks you can also opt to pay an additional monthly subscription fee for that particular month.

Will the users of my application notice when I exceed my export limit?

Exceeding your export limit will not affect your user experience in any way. A smooth UX is essential to your users' satisfaction and therefore ultimately to your satisfaction with our service.

Where can I find my license keys?

You can find your license key in your personal dashboard. Simply add your app identifiers, download the file, drop it into the SDK and you are good to go.

What happens after my trial license expires?

When your trial expires the license key will become invalid and cease to work. In case you need more time to integrate the editor into your application, please contact us to request a trial extension and we'll work something out.

How can I add features or platforms to my existing subscription?

Simply "contact us" via and we'll take care of the upgrade for you.

Can I use my paid license for my testing environment as well as the production environment?

Yes, you can add multiple app identifiers per license to allow for this.

For how many products is my PhotoEditor SDK license valid?

Each subscription and its respective license keys are valid for one product only. If you have multiple use cases you want to use PhotoEditor SDK for, please contact us so we can discuss your requirements and find the perfect solution for you.

Will my subscription renew automatically?

Yes, unless otherwise contracted, every license renews istelf by an additional year or month, depending on the performance period interval you chose. You can cancel monthly contracts a week and yearly contracts one month before the end of the performance period. For more on that please, refer to our Terms of Service.

Why do you only offer licenses for PhotoEditor SDK on a subscription basis?

To uphold the performance level of our sophisticated creative tool, we are constantly working on maintaining (e.g. in terms of OS-compatibility) and further improving the SDK. We also provide ongoing support for PhotoEditor SDK to guarantee technical compatibility with new devices and browsers of all kinds. We create long-lasting and mutually beneficial business relationships with our customers instead of just selling a product. That's why we chose a subscription model over a one-time fee.

What kind of data is transmitted to your servers?

The number of exported images or videos as well as a verification of a license's validity are the only informations sent to our servers. No images or personal data is being handled or gathered in any way. For more information please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Why are you offering native SDKs for mobile?

Our goal is always to deliver the best and smoothest user experience possible for all of our products. Providing native SDKs for Android and iOS is therefore the logical consequence to ensure top of the line quality for your users.

What is included in an Enterprise license?

Our Enterprise plan comes with unlimited monthly exports, turned off server communication and custom license terms. On top of that, there are additional options that can be added to an Enterprise subscription that you can find on our Pricing page.

Why do I need Enterprise Support?

If you require faster response times and prioritization of your issues, our Enterprise support is for you. It provides you with direct access to our developers through a private slack channel.

Do you provide source code access?

Yes, we offer source code access in our enterprise plan for the purpose of technical due diligence. For more on that, please get in touch with us through our Enterprise Contact Form.

When do I need a Reseller License?

A Reseller license is meant for use cases in which PhotoEditor SDK is being made available to your customer's clients to be used in their products. A good example for this are website builders that allow the enduser to implement PhotoEditor SDK into their websites.

When do I need Custom License Terms?

In case you have individual requirements regarding license terms governing contracts with vendors and partners - like many larger companies do - and therefore can't agree to parts of our Terms of Service. Simply reach out to our sales team through our Enterprise contact form and we'll get in touch with you.

What is included in a Service Level Agreement?

We offer Service Level Agreements to our Enterprise customers to accommodate their specific business requirements. Service Level Agreements may include guaranteed uptime of our services, guarantees of specific response times for technical support requests etc.

Which methods of payment do you offer?

For our Basic and Professional plan we only offer monthly and yearly payments via an automated debit to your credit card. For our Enterprise customers we also offer payments via wire transfer.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can contact us through our Service Desk or send an email to to cancel your subscription. Please keep the cancellation period in mind, notifying us at least one month (one week in case of a monthly Subscription Term) prior to the end of your current Subscription Term.