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Leverage the SDK's customizable UI and powerful tools to tailor an editor that exactly matches your requirements.

Social Media

Photo editing is an expected feature for any social media application. The PhotoEditor SDK lets you equip your service with a bespoke solution with vast creative possibilities ranging from custom content like stickers and fonts to modern UI concepts like a story editor.


Bring your users an effortless solution that helps them drive revenue through optimized product images. Featuring filters, adjustment tools, custom stickers like badges and price tags, the SDK streamlines a visual product presentation and adds the final touch.


Empower your users to make the most of their pictures before they get printed. Let them optimize and adjust the image, find the perfect image detail and enhance its expressiveness with stickers and text. In combination with the Server SDK, all the high-resolution redering can be done in the background.


Provide your users with a straightforward experience of creating unambiguous annotated images. Highlighting key elements with brush strokes or arrow stickers, annotating and commenting with the Text Tool; the SDK holds a wide range of options to add clarity and comprehensibility to any image.

Stock Photography

Bring your users a swift and effective solution that enables them to edit stock photos for a large variety of purposes. With crop presets, filters, adjustment tools, stickers, text and out Text Design Tool, the SDK lets your users turn stock photos into creatives that can be used on many ends like social media, ads or presentations.

Cloud Storage

Enhance your users’ cloud storage experience by not only providing a safe haven for their images but allowing them to edit and save them across devices on the fly. Featuring filters, crop, text and adjustment tools, the PhotoEditor SDK holds every tool necessary for high quality image editing. For high-resolution images our Server SDK is the perfect companion as all the rendering can be done in the background.


Enrich your service with a perfectly tailored solution to design creatives for engaging social media and ad campaigns. Leverage the Sticker API to enable your users to upload custom assets for branding purposes and let them work on their creatives across multiple platforms and devices.

CMS / Website Builder

Provide your users with a streamlined website building process. With all the features necessary to craft professional looking creatives, a sticker API that enables the upload of brand logos as well as a photo library providing stock photographs, the PhotoEditor SDK facilitates an unhindered creative flow for website creation.

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